You have big dreams.

You know what you want, but each time you try to take action something gets in your way.
You are tired of second guessing yourself and worrying about the judgement of others. Anxiety and the constant drive for perfection is distracting your focus. You want to feel calm, focused and happy. Right now you feel stuck...

I am passionate about partnering with women in discovering their worth and confidence.

I will guide you in identifying and confronting the internal and external challenges that are blocking you from creating the life you want. I will partner with you to achieve the wholeness you desire in all aspects of your life; kicking perfectionism, anxiety and self-doubt to the curb.

  • online counseling - grit & grace

    Anxiety can affect all aspects of your life, including relationships with loved ones and your job. Anxiety can lead to diminished confidence in your abilities and can be a large and burdensome factor in your life. Learning to identify the roots and triggers of anxiety, as well as strategies to cope and overcome it can free you up to lead the life you have been working so hard for.

  • grit and grace

    Sometimes what feels like not being good enough is actually your sense of perfectionism getting in the way. Perfectionism involves setting unreachable standards. Anything short you consider failure. It can make you feel depressed, frustrated, anxious and at times angry. I will work with you to identify perfectionist thinking and learn to use the tools to overcome it.

  • Self Doubt

    Self-doubt and impostor syndrome can stop you in your tracks. You hold a strong belief that you are inadequate, despite the evidence that you are skilled and competent. You are frequently worried that eventually someone will discover that you are a fraud and your negative self-talk is sabotaging your ability to move forward. You CAN learn to believe in yourself and understand what is at the root of your self-doubt. I will partner with you to gain the confidence to be the person you aspire to be.

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