Therapy for Perfectionists
On the outside, it looks like you have it all...

You have a great job (or you have your sights set on one) but it is super stressful, isolating, and leaving you wiped out! You may find anxiety acts like fuel and keeps you moving, however you come home each day feeling depressed, drained, irritated and depleted. Some days, you don’t know how you can pull it together enough to show up for work and give it your all. You aren’t sure why you feel this way, but something is blocking you from achieving your goals, or enjoying the success that you have worked so hard for. Therapy can help!

As a therapist with a business consulting and coaching background, I bring a unique set of tools to my counseling work with professional women. I understand the challenges so many women are up against in the workplace and am passionate about partnering with them to navigate it. I bring a strengths based, solutions focused approach to my work. While our past often impacts the present, most of our time will focus on how to leverage your strengths to:

  • Learn better coping and stress management skills
  • Find creative solutions to work challenges as they come up
  • Learn better communications skills for higher impact and satisfaction at work
  • Vent your frustrations about work that you don’t want to bring home
  • Gather support if you feel isolated or “lonely at the top” without judgement
  • Learn to be vulnerable and how to use vulnerability to deepen your personal and professional connections
  • Navigate challenges with colleagues
  • Let go of any Self-Doubt and self-limiting beliefs that may impact your success
  • Decrease Perfectionism
  • Anxiety
  • Improved self-care
  • Build mental strength
Ready to take the first step?
For booking or questions:

Contact me directly at: 888-987-9582 or email me using the link below.

*Grit and Grace provides services to California residents and ex-pats living internationally. Clients must be 18 and older to participate. People who have a history of serious mental health issues or active addiction issues, would not necessarily be appropriate for online counseling until stability is established.