Anne Cevallos

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
You are looking for a better understanding of yourself and the tools to overcome fear and self-doubt. You are looking to choose confidence over perfectionism and self-criticism. You are tired of your second guessing sabotaging your goals and keeping you from going after the things that are important to you.

Hi, I'm Anne of Grit & Grace and there are a few things I know for sure.

You have a vision for how you want to live, but the impact of your anxiety, perfectionism and inner critic is keeping you from stepping forward. You are looking for someone who can support and guide you in gaining insight into who you are and how you can overcome the challenges you are facing.

That is where I come in.

My passion is to partner with women to feel more confident and empowered in their lives, so they can reach their goals and achieve their dreams. I believe that all women can create the life they want without fear, anxiety and negative self-talk stopping them in their tracks. I started Grit and Grace to create a space for women with grit and determination who are ready to live a life filled with grace. They are ready for change.

I bring a diverse set of experiences to my practice. Before I became a therapist, I worked as a consultant in the tech industry, as well as a life coach who supported women in achieving career success. I received my LCSW and have spent the last 10 years supporting a diverse set of clients with significant mental health challenges needs, including Veterans working toward stability.

My therapy style is real, down to earth and transparent. I really enjoy getting to know my clients, giving honest feedback and partnering with them as they grow. My clinical approach is behaviorally and forward focused. I hold the strong belief that everyone woman can learn to value herself in her entirety and deserves a life that brings her joy.I believe when there is self-worth there is freedom.

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Does this sound like you?
  • Perhaps you are a woman working in a competitive job, completely overwhelmed with work and the desire to move ahead. You realize that you doubt yourself and your ability to speak up and go after your goals. You can’t help but feel if you weren’t so pressured to be perfect, anxious about the little things and worried about how others judge, you might be able to get that job you want. You know that with confidence, you could create a life that you aspire to, but you just don’t know the first place to start. That’s OK. Through our work at Grit and Grace, we will explore the roots of your challenges and focus on how to use your strengths to move past them.

  • Or maybe you’re a woman trying to make the decisions about your future. You’re looking for the best way to move beyond what is holding you back and toward the life you envision. You feel stuck and feel frustrated about not being able to move through it. When we work together at Grit and Grace we will strive to develop your confidence and empower you to stop self-doubt.  We will better understand what is driving your anxiety and what leads you to believe that anything less than perfect is failure.

Ultimately, life is about spending time on things that make you happy and less time, focusing on what is holding you back.

You’re ready for the confidence that comes from knowing who you are and to gain the skills to handle any hurdles that come your way. I believe it is entirely possible for you to understand yourself and to develop the ability to navigate the complicated world we live in. Let’s Get Started!

For booking or questions:

Contact me directly at: 888-987-9582 or email me using the link below.