Therapy for high achievers: a guide to get started
May 10, 2021 at 7:00 AM
Therapy for high achievers: a guide to get started

With great success comes a high level of expectation and responsibility. Even for someone who has the drive and skillset to be highly successful in their field, these can be wearing on your mind. Whether it’s anxiety to continue to perform at a high level, frustrations with the people around you who don’t perform at a high level, or even depression as a result of feeling like you need to overwork yourself. Therapy for high achievers is designed to help people dealing with these issues. At Grit & Grace, we can provide you with the help you need to overcome these challenges. Keep reading to learn more from our guide to get you started.

Who are considered high achievers?

Before getting started with how therapy can help you or why you should consider it, let’s first identify who high achievers are. A simplified definition for a high achiever comes from the Merriam-Webster dictionary that says someone who is a high achiever is “a person who is hardworking and successful.” However, you know that it’s much more than that. You are a perfectionist who asks a lot of those around you because you expect a lot from yourself. What’s more, it’s not uncommon to hyper-focus on your career path and give your personal health a backseat along the way. This can put an extreme strain on your overall health, especially the state of your mental health.

When should I consider therapy?

If you’re having a hard time reaching your next goal or enjoying the success you’ve created for yourself, you should consider therapy. Sometimes we reach a certain point in our careers where we no longer feel the gratification that we once thought we would. The work we do can feel lonely and we can lose the fulfillment we had as we progressed in our careers. Additionally, it’s not unusual to feel like you don't know when to stop. High achievers are going to give everything they have to their work at all times and this can be detrimental to their health. These are signs that you’re struggling with the state of your professional life and these issues can find their way into your life outside of work, which will compound to cause more problems.

What can therapy help me manage?

It can be difficult to navigate success in life as it continues to grow. There are times that it’s not what we thought we wanted or it still doesn’t feel like we’ve achieved anything. Perfectionism is a burden carried by many high achievers and even the top of a mountain might have a piece of trash or two. Therapy for high achievers can help you to manage your perfectionism so that you can finally meet your own expectations. As a part of this, you can learn when enough is enough and how to not overwork yourself in the process.

How can I benefit from therapy?

After taking time to speak with a therapist, you can feel better about your personal self and your professional self. You’ll learn how to manage the anxiety that comes with tremendous success as well as how to to take care of yourself. This goes from managing your physical wellness to your mental health. With the help of therapy, you will find a balance between work and life that will keep you motivated in your everlasting pursuit of success.

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